Founder’s Story

Growing up, I was blessed with the comforting presence of my grandmother, whose kitchen was always filled with the enchanting aromas of spices and the warmth of love. Her recipes, passed down through generations, were more than just food—they were stories of our heritage, moments of joy, and bonds that held our family together.
As I navigated through life and traveled the world, I realized that every culture has its own “grandmother,” with unique stories and flavors that are often lost in the fast-paced, modern world. It struck me how many of these incredible recipes and the wisdom behind them were at risk of disappearing, overshadowed by convenience and mass production. The idea for Hut Number 22 was born from this realization. I wanted to create a space where grandmothers from diverse backgrounds could share their cherished recipes and seasonings, preserving their culinary legacies and bringing them to a wider audience.

Starting Hut Number 22 was a journey of love, respect, and deep commitment to empowering grandmothers. It began with visiting local markets, talking to elders, and listening to their stories. Each conversation reinforced the value of preserving these rich culinary traditions and inspired the foundation of our digital marketplace.

At Hut Number 22, we are more than just a marketplace—we are a family. Every grandmother we work with brings a piece of her culture, her history, and her heart to our community.

Our mission is to empower grandmothers by providing them with opportunities to share their rich culinary heritage through the sale of their home-grown and handcrafted spices. We are dedicated to supporting these remarkable women, preserving traditional recipes, and enriching lives with the authentic flavors and stories they bring to the table.


Our vision is to empower grandmothers worldwide by helping them share their unique spices, fostering economic independence and celebrating their rich culinary traditions.

Hard Working Grandmothers

We are a digital marketplace dedicated to showcasing and selling the unique spices of grandmothers. We do not own their recipes nor take any portion of their revenue, ensuring they retain full control and benefit directly from their sales.